Upcoming: Global Climate Strike

The next Global Climate Strike will be held on November 29, 2019. Let’s make this an even bigger event than we had in London Ontario on September 27th, when 3000 participants showed up!


The gathering officially starts at 3pm. Action Beats Collective will be there with drumming and singing starting at 2:30pm.

During the event, drumming & singing will also be provided by Warrior Womyn of Positive Drum.

3:00 Assemble in front of City Hall
3:20 Youth & Indigenous Speakers
3:45 March & Round Dances: Wellington — Queens — Richmond — Central — Waterloo — Dufferin —
4:45 Return to City Hall for final rally/speakers

This Global Climate Strike event, called by Greta Thunberg and #FridaysForFuture, is being co-hosted in London, Ontario, by Idle No More – London.

“We must acknowledge that Indigenous sovereignty is climate action, and that land, water, and sky protectors have been at the forefront of these movements for decades. Join us as we respectfully acknowledge the work that has already been done as we come together to continue that work.”

Idle No More London will be incorporating a round dance for climate, and all Indigenous people, groups, drums, have been invited to lead the march.

To learn more about Idle No More:

To get a sense of what a round dance is and how to participate, check out this video from University of Alberta:

Ongoing: Fridays For Future – Every Friday from 3-5pm

The world needs CLIMATE ACTION NOW and we still have a way to go! We will have to do a lot more to ensure that our leaders take urgent action to halt climate change and biodiversity loss.

London students will be on strike outside City Hall EVERY FRIDAY from 3-5pm. Come and join them! They need our solidarity and support!

Past events

Below are details of past climate actions events in London, Ontario….

Friday, September 20th

2-5PM – STUDENT STRIKE & FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE @ CITY HALL and at schools across London.

Find the Facebook event page here.

Come support students walking out on strike on the first day of the global #ClimateStrike! Everyone is welcome – please bring your kids! No need to bring anything – just show up 🙂

Monday, September 23rd 

7-9PM – The Human Element Film Screening & Panel Discussion @ Hyland Cinema

Find the Facebook event page and reserve your free ticket here.

This is a free film screening of The Human Element, an insightful documentary by environmental photographer James Balog, which captures the lives of everyday people on the front lines of climate change. After the screening, stay for a dynamic discussion with four of London’s environmental leaders, hosted by Peggy Sattler, MPP for London West.

Tuesday, September 24th 

7-9PM – Climate Change: How can we as Londoners make a difference? An open forum @ Reimagine Co

Find the Facebook event page and reserve your free ticket here.

This forum is for those of us who feel called and ready to do something – whatever we can, wherever we can – to make a difference. Individual actions, local actions, and joining the global movement to topple the systems of power – all of these will be under discussion.

This will be a place to brainstorm and develop practical ideas, and make real plans for steps we can take in the right direction. Whoever you are, if you feel the urgency of this need, you are welcome here! 

Wednesday, September 25th

7-9PM – Climate Change: Native Plants – Solutions for Climate Chaos Workshop @ Reimagine Co

Find the Facebook event page and reserve your free ticket here.

10 Ways to fight Global Chaos in the Kitchen & Garden, with Shantree Kacera from the Living Centre, Eco-Spiritual Educational Sanctuary. Join us in this fascinating workshop exploring how native plants can be part of the solution to the global climate catastrophe. The workshop will include: Gardening in the climate-change era; Native plants for sustainability and personal well-being; Forest garden practices; and Taking action in your kitchen, backyard and local community.

Thursday, September 26th

6-8PM – September Green Drinks @ London Brewing Co-operative

Find the Facebook event page and reserve your ticket here ($5 GA or free for student/unwaged).

Green Drinks is an organic, self-organizing network of people interested in talking about environmentally related topics. 

This month’s event will feature a talk by Andre Lachance, the President of the Thames Talbot Land Trust. We might also get outside to weed the OEV Pollinator Garden directly across from the London Brewing Co-op on Burbrook Place. Come learn to distinguish crab grass from native plants!

Friday, September 27th 


Find the Facebook event page here.

Today hundreds of Londoners will come together outside City Hall to celebrate our earth and to send a clear message to our local and national leaders that taking urgent action on climate change and environmental destruction is our #1 priority! Everyone is welcome – please bring your kids! No need to bring anything – just show up 🙂